Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is also known as telepathic communication. It is the experience of receiving direct thought transmissions/images, feelings, and concepts from individuals, including those of other species. Communication is possible with both living and deceased animals. All beings, including humans, have the inborn ability to communicate with and understand each other.

How does it work?

Animal Communicators are able to tune in and connect telepathically with your animal in a two-way conversation. Ask your companions any questions you would like to have answered to help you understand them on a deeper level, allowing for a much-improved quality of life for your companion and yourself.

Animal Communication may help with:

  • Aggression and anxiety
  • Behavioural issues
  • Health concerns
  • Training and performance
  • Trauma
  • Understanding species’ differences

Annabel’s Story

“All fur parents have thought, ‘If only my fur baby could tell me what they were thinking or feeling.’ Well, I am about to share with you the miracle that is Animal Communication.

I was fortunate to be able connect with Caroline almost 20 years ago through the founder of Paws Connect, Jenny Vulcan, who is a lifelong friend, At that time, my then-kitten Annabel was in considerable pain and discomfort. I took her to the vet who X-rayed her legs, as she was limping and crying when she moved. Nothing showed up on the X-ray, so the vet suggested that she had probably strained a muscle and gave her some painkillers. A week passed and she wasn’t significantly better, so I booked an appointment with Caroline.

Now, what I am about to share is a story of a unique gift that, if I had not experienced firsthand, I probably would not have believed myself. But I can assure you every word is true.

Caroline came over and sat with Annabel and was talking to her and appeared to be nodding and listening.

After a while, Caroline turned to me and said, “Annabel tells me that she fell out of the tree in the backyard and her back is really hurting her. She also told me she was chased through the house by a very big dog when she was really little, and that is why she doesn’t go out the front anymore; and that you always call her sister‘s name first when you call them, so she thinks you love her more.”

These were very specific details, and although I didn’t see the fall from the tree, it honestly did not surprise me, as she used to fall off the couch – Annabel was not the most catlike of kittens. But the other details were absolutely true.

I did always call Octavia’s name first; not for any conscious reason, but perhaps because she came into my life first – two weeks before Annabel. But changing the order of their names was something that I made an effort to do from that day forward.

The large dog was a German Sheppard called Jet that lived in the street. I was chatting to my neighbour and had the front gate open, and Annabel was sitting on the porch; their eyes locked, she took off, and he took off after her down the hall. Jet returned to his owner the instant he was called, but it clearly left a lasting impression on Annabel, and she never did sit on the front porch again.

I took Annabel back to the vet after Caroline’s visit and told her it was her back that was hurting her.

She was examined further and given some anti-inflammatories and cat Valium, and she was good as gold in a week.

Fast-forward 19 years, and Annabel is just shy of her twentieth birthday, and I am faced with the hardest and most gut-wrenching decision that all fur parents have to go through. It is time to farewell my baby.

I made an inaudible phone call through oceans of tears to my dear friend Jen, who just happened to be with Caroline in the next suburb. They came straight over. I was beside myself, I had just lost Octavia two months earlier, and the thought of losing Annabel too was just too much. I knew she wasn’t herself, but who was I to decide that now was the right time for my little girl?

Was she done with this life? Was now the right time for her? How do you know you are making the right decision for your baby?

Caroline sat with Annabel on my bed and talked to her. She turned to me; I had tears streaming down my face.

“Annabel tells me that she has been trying to be strong for you. She tells me she has been having trouble going to the toilet, and yesterday she was finding it difficult to drink, and today she is having a hard time walking.“

All of this was true.

“She is ready, if you are going to be ok.”

I felt physically sick, so the answer was clearly no! But this was about doing the right thing by my little girl. While I think my soul knew she was letting go, my heart wanted her to stay with me forever…

I could not recommend Caroline more. Her unique gift is truly extraordinary, and we are fortunate she is willing to share it with us.

Niki Totton

Rest in peace, my baby”

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