Bowen Therapy for pets

What is Bowen Therapy?

Named after its creator Tom Bowen from Geelong, Bowen Therapy aims to promote and support the animal’s powers of self-healing. It is a gentle, holistic form of bodywork that stimulates the body’s natural healing response via gentle manipulation of the fascia/soft tissue that separates, envelopes, and has an influence on every organ and tissue in the body. Through a series of sequences of varying pressure at specific sites, these movements are made across the muscle and completed gently without force, and do not cause pain.

How does it work?

Using fingers and thumbs on precise points on the animal’s body, a practitioner applies gentle rolling movements over soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and skin). The move is made slowly and with very gentle pressure to minimally disturb the underlying tissue and create a focus for the brain to work on healing.

Bowen Therapy may help pets with:

  • Acute injury, e.g. sprains and strains
  • Arthritis
  • Back problems and sciatica
  • Cystitis and urinary disorders
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Lameness and other gait problems
  • Recurrent ear problems

How will my pet respond?

Bowen Therapy is an extremely relaxing therapy and feels like a gentle massage to your dog. They experience a state of deep relaxation and often fall asleep; this is when the body does most of its repairing and re-setting.
Every animal is unique; your pet will be assessed for the most suitable treatment and referred to the appropriate practitioner.

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