NES Health for pets

What is NES Health?

NES Health views health holistically. Thanks to Peter Fraser’s mapping of the human Body-Field and its ‘optimal states information’ over the past 30 years, NES has developed the BioEnergetiX WellNES System, and specifically its advanced Body-Field scanning software.
The NES BioEnergetiX WellNES system is designed to read, communicate with, and stimulate a change in the energy of the body.
Life starts with information, which guides energy, which becomes organised matter. NES technology, therapies, and philosophy take all of these into account, as they measure and correct fields that drive physiology and support good health.

How does it work?

The NES Health scanning software reads the information of the body by sending the information from their map of the human/animal Body-Field (via the miHealth or Body-Field scanner) and then reading the response that comes back to each individual part of the map. The entire scan is completed in a few seconds.
Once the scan is completed, the software returns a graphical representation of any located distortions in the body’s information, as well as individual recommendations – including identified NES infoceuticals that are recommended for use. These will then stimulate the body’s healing response and support to correct the noted distortions.

Correcting Information With Infoceuticals

NES Infoceuticals build on the theory of homeopathy, yet rather than include traces of the ailment it means to correct, each of their products is imprinted with information. Numerous researchers have demonstrated and proven that information can be imprinted onto any polymer. Right now, NES imprints corrective information into colloidal minerals and various herbs (as well as sound waves as in our imprinted healing music CDs and documentary films). The body then receives and responds to that information and begins to correct itself.
While information is not the only critical factor for health, it is the foundational factor that informs and affects everything else. For that reason, NES has pioneered this field of medicine and developed the only system of care available currently that addresses information.

The miHealth

The miHealth is used to communicate with the part of the body on which it is placed, by sending weak electrical signals to the spot, and then it ‘listens’ to the body’s response from those signals.
By putting energy back into the specific area at issue, the miHealth can then raise the electrical potential of those cells, restoring them over time to their normal, optimal functioning. This also stimulates the nervous system, sending a signal to the brain to direct resources to that particular area of the body as part of the natural healing response.

In essence, the miHealth restores energy efficiency to the body by utilising specific frequencies that synchronise energy usage, based on the specific frequencies NES has mapped to each organ, system, and sub-system of the body. This results in improved wellbeing.

The miHealth can also be used off of the body in ‘broadcast mode’ using pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMFs). This is particularly useful when working with pets.

How NES Technologies work with the information of the body

The information of the body is a bit like the software of a computer, telling the body’s biochemistry how to organise and structure itself. If you or your pet have perfectly operating software, the body knows precisely what to do and can repair itself. Essentially, the body is able to work off of a blueprint or set of information codes for optimal health and homeostasis.

Oscar’s Story

Willing to try alternative ways to support her ageing eight-year-old Cavoodle, Wendy shares Oscar’s Story:
“Being new to natural therapies for animals, I decided to bring Oscar along to see Caroline for a Craniosacral Therapy session. Oscar had been sluggish and not very energetic for the past 12 months and ran sideways at times, like a crab. I was looking to see if Caroline could find out why. After his first visit, I was astounded at the changes in Oscar. Not only had his posture changed, and his energy returned, Oscar’s running crab-like had disappeared completely, due to Caroline being able to tune into Oscar’s body at a deep level, and know where to work on him for the best results. I can highly recommend Caroline, even if you aren’t aware of your fur baby having any issues, as you may be astonished with the results!”

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