Our Focus

At Paws Connect, our specialist practitioners combine alternative and mainstream approaches to pet care with the overall aim of improving pets’ health and wellbeing.

We Support:

Calming Pets

Is your pet anxious? Do they display fight, flight, freeze, or appease behavior when exposed to something unusual or new? When you leave your home, do you return to an unexpected rearrangement of your backyard or to a very distressed pet? If you answered yes to any of this, Paws Connect may be able to help you and your pet through various tried and trusted methods.

Pet Care for Ageing Animals

Are you watching your pet age, getting slower, and potentially being in pain? At Paws Connect, we offer various services and products that can help to improve pet health.


Is your pet having mobility issues? At Paws Connect, we have a Veterinarian, Chiropractor, Physiotherapists, and Craniosacral Therapist as well as a hydrotherapy treadmill to help enhance your pet’s mobility. Hydrotherapy is also excellent for helping to build fitness, or as part of a weight-reduction program.

Pet Owner Workshops

Pet owners are always trying to do the right thing for their pets. But sometimes it can be hard to know what is right. At Paws Connect, our expert team provides regular workshops to support your ‘pet parenting’.

Promoting Pet Skin Integrity

Does your pet suffer from a skin issue, or are they scratching regularly? We can help soothe and manage your pet’s skin conditions.

Travelling Safely with Pets

Do you like taking your pet with you either on brief outings or longer breaks? We know you want to keep your pet safe, and we can provide products you might need on hand when you take them out and about.

A couple of success stories…

Harvey was an old dog who had a sore leg and was not moving well. He could not sleep through the night and was not at his best. After two sessions at Paws Connect where we put in place a change of diet, a couple of acupuncture sessions, and some TLC, he is running around like a puppy again. He sleeps well and is a new dog. Thanks so much to the team at Paws for our ‘new’ dog!
Geoff and ClairePaws Connect customer
We adopted a very anxious 13-month-old dog, Hughey, and travelling in the car with him was a nightmare. He barked aggressively at any bike, motorbike, or person in fluoro he saw, not to mention he left his hair all over the inside of the car. Hughey’s kinesiology sessions made an enormous impact on his aggressive anxiety in the car. A harness and seatbelt attachment – for the safety of all! – and the Slingguard car seat insert have changed our lives.
Jenny Paws Connect Founder