When it comes to Melbourne pet care, so many owners have trusted us to help their much-loved fur babies. These are just some of their stories.
Alison proud fur mother of Mark her 2 year old Frenchie, shares her recent experience at Paws Connect:
I have just had the privilege of meeting the most compassionate and competent staff today. My 2 year old Frenchie Mark is recovering from meningitis and only 3 weeks ago he could not walk. He is on conventional medication and I decided that some additional therapies could help improve his physical and mental health. A huge thankyou to Phil, Caroline and Wendy, you guys have made mine and Marks day so much better. I would recommend this service to anybody that loves their dog.
AlisonPaws Connect customer
Claire shares her feedback after elderly Port Melbourne stalwart Harvey visited Paws connect:
Harvey is feeling so much better and bounding around the park now after his dry needling at #pawsconnect. He’s a new dog. Wonderful team and always with a smile. Thank you !! I Can highly recommend Jen and her team to our Melbourne friends. Remember support local.
ClairePaws Connect customer
Have you got a furry family member suffering from itchy skin? Sonja shares the story of her Golden Labrador ‘Elke’:
Elke was diagnosed with “atopy” a hypersensitivity to a variety of commonplace and otherwise harmless substances in the environment. Apparently quite common, with the feet, belly, folds of the skin, and ears most typically affected. Licking the paws, rubbing the face, and frequent ear infections are the most common signs of allergies. That is when I discovered Paws Connect. I have used naturopathy to treat my eczema over the years with great success, but I will admit I hadn’t considered it for my dog. So, Elke and I headed over for a visit. Elke was happy from the moment we arrived I didn’t know a lot about animal naturopathy, but as it is natural, I thought it was worth a try. I left with a bottle of ‘Canine Skin’, which aids in the relief of skin conditions causing itchiness and irritation. All I had to do was add a few drops to water and syringe into her mouth twice a day. Not exactly labour intensive. Now for the results. It took almost a week for my husband to comment that Elke was not scratching as much. I had noticed a day or two earlier, but I kept that to myself. It has been two weeks now and scratching far less than she ever has. The bonus is that less scratching means less shedding – not much – but you’ve got to be grateful for small mercies.
SonjaPaws Connect customer
Ingrid, a long-time client of the Paws Connect Practitioners:
Caroline’s help, caring and wisdom have been a huge support for all my foster and adopted dogs and me for about 14 years. My current much-loved furry friend Cairo has benefited greatly from regular Craniosacral and NES treatments along with Caroline’s advice for 12 years. At almost 13 years of age, he’s playing and running like a pup, despite a luxating kneecap and various other issues. I’m a huge fan of Caroline and her work. Her genuine concern for all animals never ceases to amaze me.
Dani’s knowledge of homeopathic remedies, her animal wisdom, kindness, and support helped my darling border collie cross Claude and me through a very sad and difficult time about 15 years ago.
Sue’s kind, patient, and gentle nature along with her understanding of canine anatomy and temperament helped me get so much out of the canine myofunctional therapy course she taught, around 2008. It was great to see that Sue is on the Paws Connect team; her beautiful energy and caring nature will be much appreciated by everyone.
IngridPaws Connect customer
Another Frenchie story shared by Jian;
Sue was out-of-this-world amazing! My French bulldog suffered a back injury, and before I even booked an appointment, Sue was able to give me advice and support to ensure Morris was well looked after. Her knowledge and advice beyond Morris’ injury really helped and guided me to make better decisions for his diet and nutrition in order to support his health and to prevent other health-related issues. Sue has years of knowledge and expertise, and her energy working with animals is truly amazing. Thank you so much, Sueand the team at Paws Connect. I cannot recommend enough!
JianPaws Connect customer
It’s not all about Dogs, Cats too can benefit, Lesley shares her success story with Missy:
I arrived at Paws Connect rather anxious after having visited the vet a couple of times with a cat that had not been ‘herself’ for some time. They could give me no answers and I am sure they wanted to tell me to ‘get checked out’ myself! Suffice to say, Missy did not make any miraculous recovery. I arrived at Paws Connect so worried about my dear feline and with a cat that was very different to the one I left with. I watched in fascination as Caroline ‘worked her way over Missy’ … not necessarily a happy cat throughout the procedure, but Caroline’s hands worked wonders and a much more settled, healthy, and happy cat resulted afterwards. So impressed was I that I took my big boy Max in two weeks later. I highly recommend this team. Thank you!

LesleyPaws Connect customer
Perri a dedicated dog Mumma, helping her fur baby with her quality of life during challenging times:
After an assessment, my dog Zu was given acupuncture and chiro to help with her degenerative myelopathy. Dr Donna was very gentle and caring and was full of great info on alternative things to try to help slow Zu’s cancers. Zu was such a good girl through the whole treatment, and only flinched once during chiro. It’s only been just over 24 hours but Zu’s movement is so much better today, her legs seem stronger, she’s knuckling a lot less, and walking more freely, so there is one very happy dog Mumma!Thank you so much to Donna and Jenny for being so caring and understanding of how much this girl means to me, and making her quality of life the best it can be for the time she has left. Looking forward to our next appointment.
PerriPaws Connect customer
Willing to try alternative ways to support her ageing eight-year-old Cavoodle, Wendyshares Oscar’s Story:
Being new to natural therapies for animals, I decided to bring Oscar along to see Caroline for a Craniosacral Therapy session. Oscar had been sluggish and not very energetic for the past 12 months and ran sideways at times, like a crab. I was looking to see if Caroline could find out why.After his first visit, I was astounded at the changes in Oscar. Not only had his posture changed, and his energy returned, Oscar’s running crab-like had disappeared completely, due to Caroline being able to tune into Oscar’s body at a deep level, and know where to work on him for the best results. I can highly recommend Caroline, even if you aren’t aware of your fur baby having any issues, as you may be astonished with the results!
CavoodlePaws Connect customer
Madeline and her DachshundGemimah both benefit from their Paws Connect session:
I wanted to say thank you so much for looking after Gemimah today. I find it fascinating watching the interaction between Caroline and Gemimah. I can tell that Gem enjoys the sessions as she can feel the benefits. Gem was so zen at the local Tipsy Cow bar afterwards, everyone commented. She was also so tired tonight I couldn’t even get her to wake up for her last toilet stop. Thanks again, Madeline and Gemimah.
MadelinePaws Connect customer
Multiple fur parent Nat, shares her gratitude:
Caroline has been our saviour and brought such a holistic, positive approach to our beautiful kids (dog and cats). Orbie, Minx, and now Prince would be lost without her.

NatPaws Connect customer
Diana, one of our very first customers, shares her experience:
Love the Paws Connect concept and our kelpie, Beau, loves the ‘peaceful pup’ essential oil blend… a little before bed, and he settles in nicely.

DianaPaws Connect customer
Lara shares her experience at Paws Connect on Google Reviews:
We found the staff extremely knowledgeable and understanding; they showed such empathy and were able to calm our darling anxious pup with a mixture of natural remedies and alternate methods. We were amazed. Thank you.
LaraPaws Connect customer