Wendy and Oscar

Hello, my name is Oscar Steele Milne Walker, not sure if you are aware but my Mum (Wendy) is the practice manager at Paws Connect. She tells me how much she loves being there and helping all my fur friends. Some days I get to go with her, but because I think I’m head of security, Mum won’t let me go as I scare other dogs but don’t mean to. Please come in and see my Mum or give her a call or email, she is more than happy to help you and your fur baby.

Maria and Jasmine

Hi, my name is Jasmine and gee whizzy I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of my Mum (Maria) who works at Paws Connect. She has studied dog behaviour and taught me all my commands, she also sanitises Paws Connect so all my fur friends and their owners will be kept safe.

Jen, Maddy and Hughey

Hi, Maddy & Hughey here, we are so lucky our Mum & Dad (Jen & Chris) founded a pet wellbeing centre “Paws Connect” just for us! We have access to the best holistic practitioners to help us lead happy and healthy lives. We love visiting Paws Connect with Mum as every time is a great experience. We get expert treatment and advice from exceptional practitioners. Oh not to mention some extra raw freeze-dried treats (must be tasted to be believed) and lots of new furry friends to meet.